Friday, 13 November 2015

Pawan Kalyan ki 100 marks

Pawan Kalyan gets 100 marks. He flew into Vijayawada along with Minister Kamineni Srinivas and after meeting up with Chandra Babu for two hours, he interacted with media.
And that is exactly what bowled over many. Pawan Kalyan knew exactly what he had to speak and to what question. He did not waver and he answered them all without avoiding any questions.
Babu too played safe and got Minister Srinivas to accompany Pawan Kalyan on a special flight to Vijayawada. And it obvious that Srinivas had briefed him en route. And later when Pawan met Babu, they might have discussed quite a few things.
But when Pawan faced media, he knew exactly what to say and how. There are so many issues that people wanted answers for, but Pawan gave out points that he discussed with Babu that did not include what people were looking for.
So while the whole plot would have worked really well had it been a film, in this case, it is reality and that has disappointed not only capital zone farmers, but also his fans who have been anxiously waiting for some news.